Kengard Learning Centre (KLC)

Home to two amazing school programs:

-SCIDES (South Central Distance Education School)
-CLC (Community Learning Centre)
SCIDES (South Central Distance Education School)

SCIDES is a fully funded and accredited BC school. It is a public, full-service, Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) school, including adult learners. SCIDES offers distributed learning courses to all students in British Columbia.

We offer elementary and secondary students the opportunity to personalize their learning and take control of their own education, and adult learners the chance to upgrade, graduate or take additional courses without ever stepping inside a BC face-to-face high school.

Technically, we provide what’s known as ”distributed learning,” which takes places when a student is primarily at a distance from the teacher, whether studying online at home, within another educational facility, or anywhere else with an Internet connection. Distributed learning students completing their studies will receive their British Columbia Dogwood graduation diplomas.

Though our roots are in the Nicola-Similkameen Valley, today we serve more than 1,700 learners throughout BC in our K-9, high school, and adult learning programs. That includes more than 130 full time K – 9 students, 100 full time 10 -12 students, and 1500 cross-enrolled secondary students, many of whom access our courses online or through a Learning Centre located within bricks-and-mortar BC high schools.

Our comprehensive list of online courses and materials allows our students to choose and design a program that is both flexible in delivery and supportive of their unique learning style. We provide the materials, resources, planning, reports and personal support required, so they can learn from home

Our students come from a wide range of experiences, and we are happy to create a personalized learning environment for anyone, anywhere, in any situation! We support homeschooling families, elite athletes, gifted learners, adult learners looking to upgrade, families abroad for both work and travel, and students with learning disabilities, injuries or with an illness that prevents them from attending regular classes. We also support learners from local schools, looking to supplement their timetables.


CLC (Community Learning Centre)

The Community Learning Centre (CLC) is an alternative education facility for students living in the Nicola-Similkameen.

CLC has been in existence since the 80’s, and has been run out a variety of different facilities such as what is now Purity Feeds. CLC is currently located at the end of Merritt Ave. in the Kengard Learning Centre, and is open to all residents of SD 58. CLC focuses on providing quality educational opportunities to a diverse group of students.

The CLC runs two programs to meet a variety of diverse educational needs; an Alternative Education Centre and a Continuing Education Centre (CE). CLC is staffed with two teachers, a Youth & Family Support Worker, a First Nations Support Worker and an educational assistant.

The Alternative Education Program provides an environment that includes additional support for high school aged students. Secondary students can self-refer or are referred by other schools, community agencies, parents, or other ministries. Teachers use a variety of instructional methods designed to meet the academic needs of students; classes have fewer students and increased support from educational assistants and Child and Youth Care Workers. The program staff is dedicated to working individually - and in groups - to address the social, emotional, behavioural and mental health needs of students.

The Continuing Education (CE) programs provide opportunities for adult students looking to graduate. Adults can complete courses toward a BC Secondary School Graduation (Regular Dogwood) or a BC Adult Graduation (Adult Dogwood).  CE also offers a broad range of courses for graduated adults who want to improve/strengthen their skills, such as upgrade a course mark or completing missing prerequisites for post-secondary school.

The first focus at CLC is creating a friendly and safe learning environment for all students and staff. We believe that learning happens best when students feel welcome and accepted.

Another focus of the program is to develop an individual plan to meet the particular needs of each students. The students at CLC are a very diverse group with a very wide range of challenges and goals. Staff work with each student to create the best program.

CLC also offer many fun and enriching activities throughout the year. Daily group lunch and cooking opportunities, FoodSafe course, field trips to Kamloops, Vancouver, Kelowna, WHMIS Training, “L” test prep course, PE and Art activities, bowling, PAL and CORE Training, Work Experience support, Girls Club, Level 1 First Aid Training, and many other valuable experiences are available at CLC.